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ResilienceONE™ is a well-being system that engages workers from a unique approach, combining human partners, AI coaching, and neuroscience to facilitate growth. Health Coaching is the engine that empowers behavior change. It provides personalized recommendations helping users build and sustain healthy habits across 5 metrics of health: sleep, diet, movement, focus, and relationships strengthening employees mentally, physically, and emotionally. By reflecting on life experiences, sharing moments and emotions, and engaging in collaborative practice, users activate brain chemicals that boost mood and strengthen connections. This synergy fosters genuine growth in skills like grit, mindfulness, adaptability, and emotional regulation.

We harness science and technology to help organizations build relationships and develop a culture of trust in a simple, relevant, and meaningful way. By providing a 2-way text data system to reach employees with a simple pulse check weekly, trends are developed over time to direct segmentable education to address areas of vulnerability. 

Coaches Trained in the Art and Science of Motivating Healthy Changes Have Been the Missing Link in Both Healthcare and Wellness


The world spends $8.3 trillion a year on healthcare and $4.4 trillion on wellness, but we can’t stem the tide of chronic diseases. Behavior change is the toughest nut. Health and wellness coaches rigorously trained in the art and science of motivating people to start and stick to healthy behaviors have been the missing link in both workplaces and wellness.

ResilienceONE® reduces burnout to retain thriving workers with our Hi-Tech/Hi-Touch resilience system. Through education, health coaching, behavioral change software and integrative health therapies including acupuncture and massage – culture improves with leaders and employees that are upskilled to manage stress. Reach out today to schedule a 15 minute video call to learn more about how to create a culture of health equity through integrative strategies for a well-workforce.m

“Thank You!! The services provided are great, wonderful and make my shifts much better.”
“Literally the BEST experiences I’ve ever had at work in 10 years!!”
“My stress level was really high and I only had 7 minutes in the chair because our floor was super busy. My stress level went from a 10 to a 4. Thank you for this space.”
“Love having access to massage chairs. The staff are so welcoming and helpful. Thankful for the Wellness Lounge.”
“The wellness lounge is the best benefit in the hospital. I have some physical pain issues and now that I can sit in a massage chair a couple days a week it helps me get through my day, and through my week, and through my crazy life.”
“The addition of the Wellness Lounge on A tower main floor has been a wonderful thing for the employees to use. Thanks so much for doing this for us! Much appreciated.”
“The massage chair was amazing! Love the mindfulness resources & focus on bringing that to everyday practice. Thanks!”